Which terminal is right for your business?
One size does not fit all. The one that fits you depends on your business type, the payment types you want to accept, current regulation and the way you do business. We’ll look at your business and help you make the choices that make your business better.



No money down can be a nice choice.
Many entrepreneurs seem to prefer to use their money to grow business rather than lock up cash in equipment – leasing does that. Leasing allows you to get up-to-date terminals at no money down and may offer simple accounting and tax benefits.


Assurance Program

Because sometimes electronics just die or don’t take well to coffee spills or falls from high places, you may want to protect your investment.

Replacement can be expensive and downtime is stressful and may result in significant revenue loss. Eliminate the worry by being a member of the Merchant Services Merchant Club you have the peace of mind of knowing we’ll overnight functionally equivalent equipment should anything happen to your system so you’ll never miss a beat. From coffee spills to an accidental drop on the floor, you’re covered.